Welcome to the Irish branch of the Dominican Family. The Dominicans are a world-wide religious Order founded by St Dominic in 1216, made up of : Friars (priests and Brothers), Contemplative Nuns, Apostolic Sisters, and Laity.  From this website, which is that of the friars of the Irish Province, you can navigate to the other branches of the Order in Ireland and beyond.


People seek to serve the Lord in varied ways, but when a person is really passionate about the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bringing people closer to God by spreading that same Gospel, then the question of serving as a Dominican becomes a real one.

The Order in Ireland

Being a Dominican friar means that one does not live alone, but one lives with other brothers in a community.

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Dominican Family

The Dominican Order has multiple branches. There are the friars, the nuns, sisters and laity. Please find more information in this menu about the other branches of the family!